General Info Gran Canaria
and Patalavaca


The arrival airport is Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria and the average flight time from Britain is about 4 hours. From the airport you can take a taxi or public transport to the south of the island. The transfer time is about 35 minutes via the motorway.

Public Transport

Public transport with guaguas (buses) is very well organized, cheap and covers the whole island. The use of taxis is possible everywhere and relatively inexpensive. Rental cars can be booked in any tourist location. In general, the roads are in very good condition.

Further Informationen

In the Canary Islands the time is the same as British time. Banks close at 2 pm and the use of debit cards is possible. Most stores are closed between 13:00 and 16:00, but then open again until 20:00.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands and is located 200 km west of the African coast. The almost circular island has a diameter of 50 km. In the center is the highest point with 1949 m. The temperatures resemble a warm pre-summer all year round. It is rarely hotter than 30oc or colder than 21oc. There is usually a light breeze. The water temperature rarely drops below 19oc even in winter. It is rightly called a "miniature continent". In the north there are fertile green valleys, in the south dry areas and dunes. The west coast is rugged and steep, and the center is dominated by jagged rock formations, which are crisscrossed by deep valleys. The island has a volcanic origin.


Patalavaca is a relatively small resort. The holiday complexes are located directly on the seafront, and there are a number of beaches nearby with numerous water sports facilities and a small sports harbour at Anfi Beach. There is usually a light breeze and the water temperature varies between 18 and 24 oC. Near the beach there are a number of bars and good restaurants, as well as boutiques and souvenir stores. There are also several supermarkets.


Compared to the rest of the island, this southern region has the most hours of sunshine and the sea is mostly calm. There are no nightclubs in Patalavaca and after 11 pm everywhere is quiet. In the nearby Puerto Rico there are plenty of opportunities for a night out , in Arguineguin also in terms of local culture.